What Is GERD And Food Tips To Avoid And Eat

What Is GERD And Food Tips To Avoid And Eat

Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) is a digestive disease, in which stomach acid or content comes back to your food pipe. Doctors believe that individuals suffer from GERD can be treated through diet or some time the need surgery .

Certain types of beverages and food like peppermint,  chocolate, fatty or fried foods, coffee, or alcoholic beverages and pregnancy can  play a role in GERD.

Symptoms of GERD

Acid indigestion or heart burn is most common type of GERD. 20 percent of population in united state are effected by GERD. Many individual explain it that it seem food is coming back and leaves bitter or acid taste.

The less common type of symptoms are Hiccups, Voice changes, Wheezing or weak coughing, Hoarseness in voice, Burping, Food regurgitation And Sore throat.

Those individual who sleep right after meal will face worst. They should avoid meals before bed or try to elevate their heads to reduce the risk.

As we know GERD is a digestive disorder so there are strong connection between diet of individual GERD. Some of the food like meat ,high fats foods or oil, high quantity of salt , cheese and milk would be worst.

Other foods that may cause GERD are Chocolate, Carbonated beverages, coffee and orange juice, tomato sauce and Mint. However these are conditional and may not be same for every individual.

Foods that are good for GERD

As long as GERD is not understood very well by professional suggest the changes in lifestyle and diet which help to reduce in symptoms of GERD.

but recent studies are found evidence of certain types of food that found effective to reduce the symptoms of GERD.

Foods that are effective in GERD are salmon,tuna,almonds,cashews,lentils,vegetables,some grains fruits melons,berries,peaches,apples,citrus fruits, Eggs and tomatoes.

Fiber plays great role in decreasing GERD symptoms.

Foods That Should Be Avoided In GERD

Chocolate and coffee is consider to be a serious risk for GERD. The risk are varies between individuals but studies has suggested to eliminate these in order to heal the symptoms.

GERD Treatment

Some of the professional suggest over the counter medication like Gaviscon which helps acid to naturalize.

however to reduce stomach ability to produce acid individual can use zantac (H-2-receptor blockers), which help for 12 hours to reduce the production of acid.

But most of professional suggest to visit your doctors and follow their guidance.

Dietary Strategy For GERD

For many digestive problems fermented food helps more to balance the level of bacterial flora.

These are also call probiotics. Probiotics plays an important role to combat with bacterial strain. which is the main element of symptoms.These food have naturally contain a good amount of probiotics. Like Yogurt, Raw sauerkraut, Raw fermented pickles, Kefir, Kombucha, a fermented tea drink and Raw kimchi.

Slippery elm bark play a role of natural remedy which contain a good level of mucilage. Which help stomach to protect from damages.

life style like keeping head rising during sleeping and weight losing can help to reduce and heal the symptoms.

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